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Charles Atlas: Kiss the Day Goodbye

Charles Atlas, Kiss the Day Goodbye, 2015, Two-channel video installation with sound

i8 Gallery in Reykjavík, Iceland will present a solo exhibition by the pioneering film and video artist, Charles Atlas. The show will open during the darkest days of winter, and consist of the single video work, Kiss the Day Goodbye; a grid of 24 sunsets shot by Atlas in Florida, at the Rauschenberg Residency, from his balcony overlooking the Gulf of Mexico.


In Atlas’s blazing setting suns, the traditional sentimentality of the sunset motif is infused with the urgency and intensity of the environmental, political, and cultural decline of the present moment. Embracing a pre-apocalyptic mood, invoked in part by its mournful soundtrack, Kiss the Day Goodbye points towards finality, the end of a phase of our history. And yet, the work remains elemental and beautiful.