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Oscar Tuazon in "In Plain Sight"

Oscar Tuazon, Water Map (Goshute Aquifer, Spring Valley, NV), 2018. India ink, watercolor, marker on paper.

Oscar Tuazon will be a part of the group exhibition, "In Plain Sight," on view at the Henry Art Gallery at the University of Washington. The show engages artists whose work addresses narratives, communities, and histories that are typically hidden or invisible in our public space (both conceptually and literally defined). The presenting artists approach these themes from a breadth of directions, varying across all media as well as aesthetic and conceptual contexts. The works span multiple interpretive approaches, including deliberately activist endeavors and direct documentation; the unpacking of individual histories excluded due to race, ethnicity, or class; explorations of coded language for protection, secrecy, or both; invisible or covert systems of labor, exploitation, and capitalist control; and translation through surreal, oblique, or fantastical frameworks, among others. 


The exhibition will expand into and activate the entire museum, including interstitial/transitional spaces throughout and some external sites, with physical artwork as well as programs, performances, and community activations and partnerships. Site becomes a material through which what we have heretofore considered the complete, authoritative story is expanded and retold.