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Pipilotti Rist: Show a Leg (Raus aus den Federn)

Pipilotti Rist, Show a Leg (Raus aus den Federn), 2001, 4-channel video projection (color, sound), net curtains, children's chairs, sound: Anders Guggisberg, Roland Widmer

Collection on Display presents a work by the video artist Pipilotti Rist from the collection of the Migros Museum für Gegenwartskunst: Show a Leg (Raus aus den Federn) (2001), a sprawling installation composed of video sequences and colorful spotlights sweeping over panels of variously textured curtain fabric; in conjunction with the hypnotic soundtrack, they immerse the visitor in a dreamlike scenery. The protagonists of Show a Leg—as of many of Pipilotti Rist’s works—are strong female figures: conscious of their own vulnerability, they rebel against social and moral as well as self-imposed constraints and playfully savor their newfound self-determination.